What We Do

We have hundreds of individuals come to know Christ and be baptized, and have distributed thousands of Bibles within the two communities. In 2013, we established House of Hope Chapel on the ministry site of Katito. We have held both Christian leadership and pastoral conferences. We have also facilitated Bible studies and children’s ministry and participated in worship services, communion, and child dedication.

Through our Child Sponsorship program, we have supported hundreds of orphans by providing school fees, school supplies, food, clothing, shoes, and spiritual guidance and counseling. We have also provided chickens, goats, and a variety of other items. We send care packages and exchange letters on a regular basis. One of our favorite activities is having a “birthday bash” every year for all of the sponsored kids at House of Hope. Sponsors can continue to support their child through post-secondary education as they continue to college or trade schools.

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Through our partnership, two widows’ fellowship groups were formed. We support monthly meetings for these groups and counseling training and services for grief counseling. We have also participated in the “Widows Touch” ministry of House of Hope by distributing water collection tanks, blankets, mattresses, food supplies, and other necessities to widows who have little to no resources of their own. We have also been able to build homes and provide home repairs for widows and widowers in this region. We send letters and care packages annually.
Over the years, we have been able to be a part of two water projects, one in each community, making water accessible to areas where it hadn’t been previously. God has supplied water at House of Hope through a well and pump system and a natural spring with pump system in Kandaria. Water tanks have also been purchased and distributed in both communities.
We are pleased to be actively engaged with the two medical clinics in Kandaria and at House of Hope in Katito. Medical professionals have served in a variety of ways including treating patients with illness or injury, delivering babies, giving immunizations, providing physical therapy, and assisting with eye exams. We have also provided medical buildings and supplies in order to serve the physical needs of the community.
We have seen enormous growth in education as school attendance continues to increase due to the lunch programs which we have instituted at 3 of the primary schools. For some children, this may be the only meal they receive in a day. We are privileged to have built classrooms, provided school supplies, and playground equipment. We have placed libraries in two schools with a variety of books that the students can access enhancing English skills, creative writing, and communication skills. Our teachers have had opportunities to teach math, science, English, reading, art, music, physical education, martial arts, and self-defense in the classrooms.

We have partnered with NewVines International to provide faith-based, personal finance and small business training. Several savings cooperative associations (self-help groups) work as small, home-grown credit unions to provide loans to each of the members. We have seen very successful businesses develop, and there are now Kenyan nationals who are beginning to train others using this model.

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Overall, strong personal relationships have been built. Over the course of the partnership, we have learned to love and trust each other first as brothers and sisters in Christ, but also as partners in ministry and as friends. We are truly blessed to work alongside our counterparts in Kenya as we serve the Lord together for the cause of the Gospel of Christ.